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Iron Man 2020

Iron Man 2020

Arno Stark

F) Am50/Ty6
A) Am50/Ty6
S) Un100/Gd10
E) Sh-X150/Gd10
R) Am50
I) Gd10
P) Ty6

Health: 350/32 Karma: 66
Resources: Gd Pop: 15

Known Powers:

Iron Man Armor: Arno Stark introduced 21st Century state-of-the-art technology into Tony Starkís Iron Man armor. He designed it specifically for his physiology. He gains the following power stunts:
-Alter Ego: Stats change as shown above
-Body Armor: The armor is made of Secondary Adamantium of Un material and provides Un protection vs. Physical, Energy, Force, Heat, Cold, Corrosives, Radiation and Electrical. Un resistance to EMP
-Zero-Point Force Field: Projectable up to 10 areas, it creates a force bubble of Un Strength large enough to cover an area to contain a small city block.
-Invisibility (Holographic): Un
-Time Travel: Mn ability to travel in time
-Flight: CL1000 airspeed
-Advanced Repulsors: Located in each gauntlet, at full power they inflict Un Force, 25 areas. It may also fire various forms of energy (Heat, Magnetism, Electrical, Sonics, Plasma) at Mn intensity, 15 areas
-Uni-Beam: Mounted in the center of the chest plate, the beam has a range of 10 areas and can produce the following effects:
--Searchlight: Mn Ultraviolet, Visible Light or Infrared
--Image Inducer: Un
-Shoulder Cogs: While holding a target, the suit's shoulder cogs can whirl and deal In Edge, ignoring body armor and material
-Energy Absorption: May absorb up to Sh-Y Electrical per round. Maximum capacity is 2,000 points and that can be stored safely for up to 10 rounds. Longer storage requires a successful Endurance FEAT roll to avoid Un damage each round until stored energy is depleted. Damage occurs to all within the same area, including Iron Man, whose Body Armor is ignored for this effect. Absorbed energy can be channeled through the armorís weapons or Strength for +1cs damage. Most forms of non-concussive energy may be absorbed including Heat, Light and Electrical
-Tractor Beam: Generated from the gauntlets, projects a beam capable of grabbing or grappling with Mn Strength, 15 areas
-Override: Disabling internal safety measures allows for +1cs to all statistics and all powers. After each round, a successful Yellow Sh-Z FEAT roll is required or the armor is immobilized until repaired.
-Life Support: When sealed, the armor has an unlimited supply of air, water, and nutrients.
-Protected Senses: Sh-X protection vs. high-intensity Light or Sonics
-Telepathic Inhibitors: Un protection vs. Mind Control
-SX-10 Combat Computer:
--Provides +1cs to hit on all distance weapons and automatically allows up to three different targets per turn to be fired upon with no loss of accuracy.
--Danger Sense: Rm
--Without computer control, Fighting and Agility is at -3cs.
-Communications: Un multi-spectrum communication with 2,000 mile. An Integrated universal translator of Un sophistication is included.
-Sensors: Un array of various sensors:
--Infrared Vision: 10 areas
--Radar and Sonar Detectors: 30 areas
--Exotic Energy and Life Detectors: 100 miles
-Electronic Countermeasures: Sh-X radar invisibility and Sh-X resistance to external signals influencing armor performance.
-On-Board Artificial Intelligence: The On-Board A.I. grants the following to the armor:
--Cybernetic Communication: Un
--Substitute Mn rank for Reason or Intuition FEAT rolls
--Operate the armor independently of the wearer.
-Self-Destruct: Sh-Z damage to 3-area radius (-1cs damage per area of distance from the center) completely destroys the armor.

Talents: Engineering, Computers, Electronics

Contacts: None