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Iron Man Armor Model 37

Iron Man

Tony Stark

F) Rm30/Ex20
A) In40/Ex20
S) Un100/Ex20
E) Un100/Rm30
R) Am50
I) In40
P) Gd10

Health: 270/90 Karma: 100
Resources: In Pop: 40

Known Powers:
High-Yield Arc Reactor: The armor and Stark's own body are powered by the high-yield arc reactor mounted in his chest. The high output of the arc reactor has given Stark the following:
-Electrical Generation: Rm, range of same area
-Energy Detection: In
-Enhanced Senses: In
-Levitation: Pr
-Force Field: Rm protection for a limited period of 1–10 rounds
-Multi-Tasking: Able to perform up to 3 actions in the same round without any required FEAT rolls.

Iron Man Armor Model XXXVII: Considered not as an upgrade, but as the next step after Extremis by Tony Stark, the Model XXXVII incorporates nanotechnology Bio Metalo-Mimetic Material. The entire armor is stored in Stark’s body as individual nanomachines allowing him to transform into Iron Man at will. The process takes 1 full round and no other action may be taken. The nano-machines may turn into regular clothing or other armors. As long as they have power, the nanomachines may replicate and self-repair. The Bleeding Edge Armor enables the wearer the abilities shown below:
-Body Armor: Am material, Am protection vs. Physical, Force, Heat, Cold and Corrosives, Mn protection vs. Energy, Un protection vs. Radiation and Electrical. Mn resistance to EMP
-Zero-Point Force Field: Project up to 5 areas, it creates an Un force bubble large enough to cover an area to contain a small building.
-Invisibility (Holographic): Am
-Flight: Jet boots and a vectored repulsor field allow for Sh-Z airspeed (200 areas per round). The boot thrusters may be used as weapons, inflicting In Energy at a range of same area.
-Variable Repulsors: Located in each gauntlet, Up to Mn Force, 15 areas. A stun setting of Am intensity could now target one full area. Also, repulsors could now function underwater at -1cs intensity and half their maximum range in air. Full form repulsors inflict Am Force in one area radius hitting automatically anyone within range.
-Pulse-Bolts: high-energy plasma weapons that inflict more damage at longer ranges. They have a maximum range of 10 areas, gaining 10 points of damage per area traveled. For example, they would do only Gd Energy to a target in an adjacent area and Un Energy to a target at maximum range. As these bolts travel relatively slowly; for every 3 areas, the target gains a +1cs if they decide to try to dodge the attack.
-Magnetism: Am, 5 areas
-Electromagnetic Pulse: Can generate an electromagnetic pulse that shuts down all electrical devices in a 2-area radius for 6 minutes. The armor is also affected.
-Energy Blade: Mn Edged, capable of cutting through up to Mn body armor or material with no damage reduction.
-Disruptor Field: Wide spectrum electromagnetic/gravimetric beam that disrupts electrical devices with Am intensity, 2 areas
-Sonics: Am intensity Stun for 1-10 rounds to all within 3-area radius
-Ultra-Sonics: Focused high-frequency tight-beam sonics cause Am vibrational damage bypassing most body armor and material (treat as if protection or material is at -2cs of actual ranks), 3 areas
-Uni-Beam: Mounted in the center of the chest plate, the beam has a range of 5 areas and can produce the following effects:
--Searchlight: A, Ultraviolet, Visible Light or Infrared
--Heat Ray: Am
--Image Inducer: Am ability to create up to 12 holographic duplicates
--Laser: Am Energy
-Energy Absorption: May absorb up to Un Electrical per round. Maximum capacity is 700 points and that can be stored safely for up to 7 rounds. Longer storage requires a successful Endurance FEAT roll to avoid Mn damage each round until stored energy is depleted. Damage occurs to all within the same area, including Iron Man, whose Body Armor is ignored for this effect. Absorbed energy can be channeled through the armor’s weapons for +1cs damage. Most forms of non-concussive energy may be absorbed including Heat, Light and Electrical.
-Electrical Generation: Can electrify the surface of the armor at Am intensity with a range of touch.
-Taser: Am Electrical, 3 areas
-Tractor Beam: Generated from the gauntlets, projects a beam capable of grabbing or grappling with In strength, 5 areas
-Micro-Munitions: Missiles causing Am explosive damage to one full area and with a range of 10 areas
-Override: Disabling internal safety measures allows for +1cs to any ability or power. After each round, a successful Yellow Mn FEAT roll is required or the armor is immobilized until repaired.
-Life Support: When sealed, the armor has a 6-hour air supply. It also has a 2 day supply of recycled water.
-Protected Senses: Mn protection vs. high-intensity Light or Sonic attack
-Resistance to Mind Control: Am protection vs. Mind Control
-Targeting Computer: Provides +1cs to hit on all distance weapons and automatically allows up to 3 different targets per turn to be fired upon with no loss of accuracy.
-Communications: Am multi-spectrum communication with 2,000 mile range. An Integrated universal translator of In sophistication is included.
-Sensors: Am, the armor is outfitted with the following sensors:
--Infrared Vision: 5 areas
--Radar and Sonar Detectors: 15 areas
--Exotic Energy and Life Detectors: 15 miles
-Fire Extinguisher: In fire-defeating foam, 1 area
-Electronic Countermeasures: In radar invisibility and Un resistance to external signals influencing armor performance.
-On-Board Artificial Intelligence: The On-Board A.I. is capable of the following:
--Cybernetic Communication: Am
--Substitute Am rank for Reason or Intuition FEAT rolls
--Operate the armor independently of the wearer.
-Regeneration/Self-Repair: Mn, regains 20 health points per round until fully healed.
-Nano-Machines: Nano-machines provide the armor with shape change at Am rank. Applications include:
--Creation of repulsors weapons that inflict Un Force at a range of 20 areas.
--Alter appearance of armor to mimic normal clothing.
--One round is required to affect the transformation.
-Self-Destruct: Sh-X explosive damage to one full area completely destroys the armor.

Talents: Engineering, Electronics, Business, Physics, Robotics, Firearms, Martial Arts A, Pilot, Multi-Lingual: (Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, French, Russian), Leadership

Contacts: Stark Resilient, The Avengers, Maria Stark Foundation, War Machine/James Rhodes, Rescue/Pepper Potts

Tony Stark

Iron Man in Flight Mode