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Counter Earth Iron Cross

Iron Cross

Helmut Zemo

F) Am50/Gd10
A) Ex20/Ty6
S) Mn75/Gd10
E) Un100/Ex20
R) Ex20
I) Gd10
P) Gd10

Health: 245/46 Karma: 40
Resources: Ex Pop: 20

Known Powers:
All of Iron Cross's powers are derived from his battle suit

Iron Cross Armor: In, a great deal of it's functions are still unknown but the following powers are:
-Body Armor: In strength material hardened with a personal force field gives Am protection vs. physical attacks, In vs. corrosives, Am vs. heat and cold, Mn vs. energy and Un vs. radiation and electrical attacks.
-Flight: Sh-X
-Life Support: Allows Helmut to survive in space
-Sensors: Mn life, energy and radiation detection.
-Force Field: Un vs. physical and energy
-Repulsors: Mn damage at 10 areas
-Energy absorbtion and rechanneling: Iron Cross can repower his suit by absorbing electrical energy regaining lost health equal to the intensity absorbed. He can also rechannel it to increase the power of his repulsor blasts. Up to 400 points of energy may be stored in this manner and up to 100 health can be restored.
-Tractor beam: Mn strength
-Protected Senses: Am protection from sonics and light attacks.
-Air Supply: 2.5 hours

Talents: Military, Marksmanship, Aerial Combat

Contacts: Counter Earth Thunderbolts, World Party

NOTE: Helmut Zemo from Earth took over the body of Iron Cross.