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Infinity Gems

The Infinity Gems:

Space Gem:
-Teleportation: one of the most obvious aspects of the Space Gem is the ability it has to teleport. It can do so with power rank range, unless the gem is working willingly with its owner in this case, the range is limited only by the imagination of its wielder.
-Teleport Others: similarly, the wielder of the Space Gem may teleport others, in addition to himself. The range constraints of this power are the same as the power above, and the holder of the space gem may teleport a number of others equal to this power rank # divided by 10.
-Space Warping: by manipulating the very fabric of space, wielders of the Space Gem may simulate the gravity manipulation power, since gravity is, by definition, merely bends in space caused by the presence of matter. Power stunts must be developed normally.
-Distortion Field: on a similar note, by wrapping him/her/itself in a constantly shifting space warp, the wielder of the Space Gem can generate a defense against attacks. Incoming attacks, redirected by these bends in space, suffer a -2 CS to hit.
-Dimensional Travel: another use of the Space Gem is to traverse the myriad planes of existence. Travel to a familiar plane requires a green FEAT, a plane the traveller has been to once or twice can be reached on a yellow FEAT, and unknown planes can be reached with a red power FEAT.
-Hyper Speed: rather than teleporting, the wielder of the space gem may, if he so desires, simply boost the speed of an existing form of travel. He can boost the speed of said form of travel up to this power rank, or increase the original rank by +1CS, whichever is higher.

Time Gem:
-Time Travel: the gem can traverse time easily, moving forwards in time a number of years equal to the power rank times ten, and backwards in time a number of years equal to the power rank times 1000. If the gem is working willingly with its owner, there is no range limits.
-Temporal Window: the gem can be used to peer into other times or timelines. No temporal period is immune to this viewing, nor are any divergent or variant timelines. The trick is finding something specific to look for (success determined with a successful power FEAT).
-Age-Shifting: the gem can be used to alter the age of either the wielder or another being, altering their age by a number of years equal to this power rank. However, beings cannot have their age altered to a number less than zero.
-Suspended Animation: the gem can halt biological functions completely,by placing a target in a null-time bubble, a bubble that will last until the target is released. If unwilling, the target may resist by pasing an Endurance FEAT against the current power rank of this power.
-Parallel Travel: the gem can be used to travel sideways through time, crossing the infinite stream of variant timelines. Characters can find truly parallel worlds with a green FEAT, slightly different timelines with a yellow FEAT, and vastly different worlds with a red FEAT.
-Longevity: by focusing the gem upon himself, the wielder of the Time Gem can acquire power rank longevity. As presented in Dragon Magazine, this power will enhance the character's lifespan to a degree determined by the following formula:
-Eventual Lifespan = (normal lifespan- current age) x power rank cubed.

Mind Gem:
-Telepathy: the Mind Gem allows the wielder to converse with anyone via a direct mental link, within the power rank's range. Should the gem be working willingly with its wielder, this limitation is ignored, and the wielder can mentally contact anyone, anywhere.
-Telelocation: similarly, the holder of the Mind Gem can use his awareness of others to track their psionic 'signature'. Green FEATs are required for folks familiar to the gem holder, yellow FEATs are needed for those less familiar, and red FEATs are needed for unfamiliar folks.
-Mind Probe: the gem holder can probe the mind of other sentient, to search for any information desired. Unless the target of such a probe is willing (and who ever is), he automatically gets a Psyche FEAT roll to resist the probe, even if he is unaware of the probe attempt.
-Sensory Link: rather than bluntly probe the mind of another, the wielder of the Mind Gem may simply eavesdrop on the sensory input of other beings. This is usually a trouble-free process, as the target of this power won't realize it is happening without passing a red Reason FEAT.
-Mind Control: with this ability, the wielder of the Mind Gem can override the will of others, causing them to do things they normally would not do. The target is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll against the intensity of this power to resist mind control.
-Mind Blast: with this ability the wielder of the Mind Gem can blast the mind of others with raw psionic power, causing power rank damage to the victim's neural system. As with a mind probe, the would-be victim is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll to shrug off the effects of this power.
-Telekinesis: the Mind Gem can be used to psionically affect any object, without actual contact. The gem can affect an amount of weight equal to this power's current rank, although unwilling victims may make a Strength FEAT roll against the intensity of this power rank to resist.

Soul Gem:
-Karmic Blast: this power can be used to 'disrupt one's anima center', inflicting either power rank damage to one's mind (per a mind blast), or act as a stunning attack. A would-be victim is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll, of an intensity equal to this power rank, to resist.
-Spirit Sense: The Soul Gem can be used to sense other sentient beings in order to a) track someone known to the wielder, or b) determine the presence of other people via the presence of the soul within them (including astral bodies).
-Internal Limbo: the Soul Gem itself either contains, or is the doorway to, a pocket dimension of the largest size (not infinite, but really, really big). This reality can be used to store as many souls as the wielder likes, for an indefinite period of time.
-Soul Absorption: the Soul Gem can be used to literally absorb the soul of another, storing it in the pocket dimension inside itself. While so holding a soul, the wielder can make use of any talent said soul may have had knowledge of.
-De-evolution: one of the stranger powers of the Soul Gem, this ability allows the wielder to reverse artificially induced evolution. This doesn't seem to fit in the general class of powers this gem seems to hold, but there you go.
-Linguistics: using the Soul Gem, the wielder can understand the spoken languages of others, and communicate with others in their own tongues as well.

Reality Gem:
-Molecular Creation/Conversion, Matter Animation, Probability Manipulation, most of the power controland rule bending powers, and most other powers not covered by the other infinity gems.
-Causal changes are not necessarily lethal, as folks within the distorted area of reality are changed alongside their reality. However, the gem wielder may specifically exclude them from the reality change, and they will thus take power rank damage each round within the altered area.
-In fact, one clever use of this gem is to target a specific person with a reality altering aura for a mere second, the resultant reality hiccup carrying a powerful stunning effect, as the brain of the victim rebels against the altered reality before it.

Power Gem:
-Energy Generation: a source of infinite power, the Power Gem can be used to emit energy, of an intensity equal to the current power rank. This may energy may come in any form the gem wielder desires, but will be in a raw, unfocused state.
-Energy Manipulation: the gem can also be used to control energy. The Power Gem can manipulate any form of energy at the current power rank, and can be used to control energies it generates at +1 CS. Any power stunts must developed normally.
-Energy Sponge: with his control over energy, the holder of the Power Gem is rarely affected by harmful energies. The gem can be used to simply absorb any offending energy attack, up to a rank equal to the current power rank, per use of the power. This energy is normally redistributed across the cosmos, so the character need not worry about absorbing too much energy. However, the gem wielder can retain the sponged energy for immediate use, within himself, but is then subject to the limitations of this power.
-Transduction: the Power Gem can be used to change one form of energy into another. The intensity of the FEAT roll is equal to the rank of the energy to be changed, with an obvious maximum of the current power rank +1 CS. Energy so changed will be -1 CS less powerful than before.
-Regeneration: by channeling the power of this gem into one's body, the gem can be used to augment one's natural physiology, promoting healing. The gem essentially allows a character to regenerate, healing at a rate determined by the current power rank.
-Power Enhancement: by tapping the power of this gem, the wielder may increase any power rank (or his Strength) to the gem's current power rank, or the power rank +1 CS (whichever is higher). This enhancement lasts as long as the gem wielder wills it.

Common Characteristics of the Infinity Gem:


Though the Infinity Gems can do great things,their wielders most often cannot, primarily because the gems themselves are possessed of a frightening intelligence. The gems pick and choose who will wield them, and can prevent those of weak prospects from doing so.

If someone wants to wield an Infinity Gem (or, all of them) and the gem resists, the would-be controller must pass a Psyche FEAT of intensity equal to the Psyche rank of the gem. Once this FEAT is made, the gem may be used by the gem's 'owner' at will.

Since the gems are formerly of one omnipotent mind, I recommend the gems each have Mn ranked Reason, Intuition, and Psyche scores; it makes them dangerously smart, but still controllable by powerful characters, even if the gem wishes otherwise.

Additionally, each of the gems has a unique personality, one that oughtto be fleshed out by the game Judge; for example, the soul gem is shown to have quite a malignant mindset. However, the other gems aren't neccesarily as dark. They're probably quite manipulative, though...


Once he's gained the use of an infinity gem (whether by the gem's choice , what can the would-be wielder do with it? Again, this depends on the gem. The gem may reveal all of its abilities to its wielder, or only some of them (or maybe even none).

If the wielder knows that the gem is capable of certain things, he may try to force these powers into the open (using the psychic arm-wrestle detailed above), or convince it to do so by helping it achieve its own ends (whatever they may be).

The power of each Infinity Gem is, by definition, infinite. However, I recommend that the character using the gem be limited to his Psyche rank in use of the power(s) he has access to. This represents the safe level of power the character can access through the Infinity Gem.

Should a character need to utilize more, he can do so by passing a red Psyche FEAT roll, boosting the level of power he can use by +1 CS. The character must make this roll each time he intends to enhance the power he is using. Failing this roll, however, may be disastrous.

Loss of Control:

A character can lose control of an Infinity Gem under two circumstances:

he may try to use too much power at one time, failing a red Psyche FEAT to use the gem at +1 CS, or he may try to use even more power than this. Or, the gem may rebel against him if it is being uses against its will.

In the case of attempting to using too much power, the gem may simply fail to operate. This is usually the case when the character and the gem have a harmonious relationship. If this isn't the case, the power being used may explode out of control, in the worst possible way.

If the Infinity Gem rebels, it may do so because it has been forced to do the character's bidding, waiting for just the right time to strike.

If the gem is working with a character willingly, but he begins to act counter to the gem's wishes, it may simply 'malfunction' for a bit.

In either event, the character cannot use the gem until he gains control of its abilities again. If the gem is working with the character of its own will, it will usually just let the character back in charge. Otherwise, the character will have to regain control via another Psyche FEAT.

The Infinity Gauntlet

Known Powers:
-When combined, all six infinity gems hold sway over all, as they can be used to do anything. If the holder of the infinity gauntlet does not understand its true nature, he can operate the gems as if they were using them by themselves, as is described above.
-If the character knows the truth about the gems, he may use them as one. The first round, a character does so, his use of the gauntlet should be limited to his Reason, Intuition, or Psyche rank (whichever is higher), representing the character's limited understanding of infinity.
-As he practices using the gauntlet, this rank will increase steadily until the wielder can do anything and everything he desires. By making a Red Reason FEAT, the character can gain a greater understanding of the Gauntlet, and raise his effective power rank by +1CS.
-This process will continue until the character reaches Beyond rank in the use of the Infinity Gauntlet. At this point, he is omniscient and omnipotent, and is (in effect) undefeatable. Only blatant stupidity on the part of the gauntlet wielder can make him lose it.

Incomplete Infinity Gauntlet:
-If someone doesn't have all six infinity gems, he can still use them in concert, if he knows that he can, of course. For each additional gem a body holds, the effective rank of usage with each gem's effects is inincreased by +1 CS for that person.
-Furthermore, the effects of each gem can overlap. A body can use this to his advantage, combining the influence of the gems to control more of existence than before. The possibilities are near endless, but not as great as those available to one who has all six gems