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Thor, Herald of Thunder

Thor Odinson

F) Un100
A) Ex20
S) Un100
E) Un100
R) Gd10
I) Ex20
P) Am50

Health: 320 Karma: 80
Resources: Ex Pop: 50

Known Powers:
Asgardian Physiology: Thor is an Asgardian, who's very body gives him the following abilities:
-Invulnerability: Un protection vs. Physical, Energy, Heat, Cold, Radiation, Toxins, Aging and Disease
-Slowed Aging: Un immunity to the ravaging effects of time. Thor only physically ages one year for every 100 years. He will age, just very slowly.
-Self-Sustenance: Thor doesn't need to breathe, he can survive in the vacuum of space
Illusion Detection: +1CS intuition
Power Cosmic: CL1000, After being imbued with the Power Cosmic by Galactus and combining it with the powers of the All-Father, Thor reached a level of power above the other previous heralds. It grants him the following abilities:
-Ability Boost: Thor can augment the strength of his cosmic energy powered body to a degree that rivals the Hulk’s formidable rage-enhanced strength. Thor can increase his Agility and Strength to Power rank for 1-10 hours a day. By focusing on one ability, he can raise it to Sh-Z for 1-10 rounds. Raising physical abilities in this way also increases his Health score accordingly. Thor can also raise his Body Armor to Sh-Y for 1-10 hours a day or a maximum of Sh-Z for 1-10 rounds a day in this manner.
-Plasma Generation: Thor can project extremely powerful cosmic energy blast of Un Force or Energy. By channeling cosmic energy to his limit, he can boost this ability to Sh-Z for 1-10 rounds once per day.
-Self-Regeneration: Un
-Heal Others with Un ability. He cannot restore lost Endurance Ranks.
-Energy Detection: Un ability to detect energy and type anywhere on a planet
-Elemental/Molecular Conversion and Mechanical Creation: Un ability to manipulate matter and can rearrange the molecules of matter to create other configurations. He cannot, however, create life or living matter from nothing.
-Life Detection: Un ability to detect the presence of life energies within 500 light years.
-Energy Detection: Un ability to detect any form of energy within 500 light years
-Telepathy: Gd, this is mostly used to communicate when normal conversation is impossible. It also allows him to rapidly learn a new language.
-Post-Cognition: Pr ability to see events that occurred up to four weeks ago. He must be at the site of the event in order for this power
-Hypersensitive Hearing and Telescopic Vision: Up to 1 light year away.
-Cosmic Awareness: Un ability to tune in to the universe and perceive the presence of powerful cosmic entities
-Self-Sustenance: Thor does not require food, water, or air since he absorbs life-maintaining cosmic energy directly through his skin at CL1000 rank.
-Karmic Tap: This power allows Thor to tap into his reservoir of willpower (Karma) and increase his Power Conversion by 1 point for every 2 Karma spent. There is no known limit on his karmic tap abilities. This is limited to the same round in which he spent/converted his karma. Rolling an Red Psyche FEAT roll will permit another round of benefit from the Karma spent. This power is considered a free action, may be done in addition to other actions in the round.

Mjolnir: CL3000 material, Thor's Fighting is Sh-Y and he inflicts Un damage. Mjolnir can be thrown up to 10 areas. Mjolnir has the following power stunts:
-Automatic Return
-Flight: Am
-Deflection: Rm protection vs. physical, energy and magical attacks.
-Weather Control: Un, Mn Lightning (even without a storm)
-Air Control: Mn
-Unworthiness: After Mjolnir was reforged in the Sun, its worthiness enchantment was reversed so that only the unworthy could wield it, allowing the unworthy Thor to lift it.
-Power Absorption/Reflection: Energy up to CL1000 but it must be reflected the following round.
-Light Emission: In
-Magic Detection: Gd

Talents: Asgardian Lore, Swords, Weapon Specialist: (Mjolnir)

Contacts: The Avengers, Asgardians, Jane Foster, Thori, Galactus