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John Greycrow

F) In40
A) In40
S) Ex20
E) Rm30
R) Gd10
I) Rm30
P) Ex20

Health: 130 Karma: 60
Resources: Gd Pop: -10

Known Powers:
Self Revival: Un ability to return to life if killed.
Technoforming: Am ability to manipulate mechanical components, assembling them into a variety of different configurations by modifying their shape and construction
-Scalphunter can very quickly assemble a very wide array of weapons from parts that he carries on his costume. Non-standard, more powerful or exotic weapons are created as per power stunts rules. Scalphunter can create any one-handed and two-handed shooting weapon, except bows.
-The ability to assemble the pieces of his guns into a variety of firearms with a number of uses.
-The ability to use any of the ammunition types, regardless of the weapon for which that type of shot was designed. Scalphunter always uses deadly force. He will not use mercy or rubber bullets unless specifically ordered.

Body Armor: Scalphunter wears a special suit laced with holsters, clips, and pockets which hold gun parts, ammunition and other parts that he uses to assemble into weapons. Using this suit, Scalphunter gains the following:
-Gd protection vs. Physical and Energy attacks
-Camouflage: All attempts to spot Scalphunter are at -2cs
-The costume also carries parts that he uses to assemble into weapons.
Weapons: The weapons that Scalphunter always has access to are found below:
-Barrett M95 Anti-material Rifle .50
-Colt Delta Elite
-Desert Eagle .50
-Gerber MKII Combat Knife
-Heckler & Koch UMP Submachinegun or Micro-uzi machine pistol (x2)
-M1 Bazooka
-M1014 Combat Shotgun
-M16 Assault rifle
-M2A1-7 Flame-thrower
-M60 Light Machinegun
-M72 LAW Light Infantry Rocket Launcher
-M79 Grenade Lauching Rifle
-Pancor Jackhammer Assault Shotgun
-Remington M24 Sniper Rifle
-Two-handed Sword in a back-mounted sheath.
-Other Weapons: He also has access to various firearm gadgets, such as scopes, underbarrel lights, silencers, laser sights, red dot sights and extended magazines.

Talents: Marksmanship, Guns, Military, Leadership, Edged Weapons, Martial Arts A, B, Acrobatics, Weapon Specialist: (Sword), Gun Special: He may fire two-handed weapons with one hand without penalty.

Contacts: Marauders