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The biological son of Laufey, king of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, one of the "Nine Worlds" of Asgardian cosmology, Loki was adopted by Odin, the king of the Norse gods, after being discovered in the aftermath of the war between the Norse gods and the Frost Giants. He had been hidden away by his father who was ashamed of the boy's diminutive size. In childhood, Loki resented the favors lavished upon his foster brother Thor, who already had a nobility of spirit and excelled in all endeavors.

Studying the mystic arts at a young age, Loki found he had an affinity for sorcery. As he grew so did his skill and his hatred of his foster brother. He vowed to destroy Thor and become the most powerful god in Asgard. His inborn propensity for mischief began to manifest and he earned the nickname "God a Mischief", but as his deeds grew increasingly malicious and his lust for power and vengeance became apparent, he become known as the god of evil - Loki.

Current Version:
Loki (Agent of Asgard)

Former Versions:
Loki (Original)
Loki (Sif's Body)
Loki (Revived)
Loki (Sorcerer Supreme)