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Gamma Corps

The Gamma corps are soldiers with the D.N.A. of Gamma-mutated heroes and villains inside them. they are armed with a variety of military weapons and have been trained by the enigmatic General Ryker, to destroy the Incredible Hulk. Their first mission involved tracking down the failed Hulk-copy experiment, Private Benjamin Tibbits (Flux) and killing him.

The Gamma Corps were later attacked by a haywire Hulk A.I., who wanted to kill them as part of the plan of the original Hulk to neutralize every Gamma-powered mutate from the Earth, even though the original Hulk's plan didn't include lethal force. After following the haywire A.I. to Fort Knox, Hulk saved the Gamma Corps from their deaths, but later stripped them of their powers.

Mister Gideon
Prodigy III

Supporting Cast:
General Ryker