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F) Mn75
A) Mn75
S) CL1000
E) CL3000
R) CL1000
I) CL1000
P) CL1000

Health:4150 Karma:3000
Resources:CL3000 Pop:-1000

Known Powers:
True Flight: CL3000 speed
True Invulnerability: Sh-X resistance to Physical and Energy, CL5000 resistance to Extreme Heat and Cold, Corrosives, Toxins and Disease.
Force Field: Galactus can surround himself with protective fields of Sh-X rank.
Life Detection: CL3000 ability to detect the life energies of planets. He can detect an occupied planet at a maximum range of 50 light years.
Kinetic Bolts: Galactus can release energy blasts of Sh-Z Intensity.
Hyper-Invention: Galactus can create any device he wants by assembling whatever materials are either in hand or can be made from existing substances.
Disruption: As a side effect of his feeding process, Galactus has the CL1000 ability to destroy the molecular bonds that hold the target together. Galactus can consciously use this power with diminished effect against lesser targets, such as individuals. In such a case, the power decreases to Sh-X rank.
Cosmic Energy Manipulation: Galactus possesses cosmic power beyond the abilities of human beings to measure. Galactus is able to use the vast energies within him for an incalculable number of effects with CL3000 ability. It has been speculated that Galactus possesses enough power to lay waist to an entire galaxy with a full exertion of his cosmic powers. The following are just a few of his regular power stunts:
-Energy Blasts: Energy or Force blast of Power rank intensity with unlimited range
-Teleportation: Galactus can teleport himself others with unlimited range
-Dimensional Travel, Time Travel, Force Field Generation (all Stunts), Telekinesis, Healing, and Energy and Life Detection
-Matter Control, Creation, and Conversion (all powers)
-Ability Boost: Galactus can boost any or all-physical abilities (FASE) to Power Rank for 1-10 hours a day. If Power Rank already, raise +1CS
-Endowment: Galactus has the CL3000 ability to endow others with a portion of his power transforming ordinary beings into super-beings with Power rank ability. Even his heralds, whom he has endowed with a small fraction of his ever-renewing power, are able to manipulate matter and energy in ways far beyond human comprehension. Initial abilities and Powers no higher than Sh-Z (objects as well). Galactus can magnify, reduce, or negate and has total control over those Powers he has given a target. He can amplify someone�s existing Powers by +4cs, even if he was not the source. He can reduce a subject Powers any amount, all the way to Sh-0. The changes are permanent until Galactus changes them.
Power Control (Magnification/Reduction/Negation): Galactus has total control over those powers he may have given a target. He can amplify someone�s existing powers by +4cs, even if he was not the source of that power. He can reduce a subject�s powers any amount, all the way to Sh-0. Such changes are permanent; only Galactus can reverse his changes.
Serial Immortality: If Galactus� body should be destroyed while he still has a sufficient cosmic energy reserve, his machines can draw in his lifeforce and recreate his body. He must have at least two points of Health for this to occur.
Telepathy: Galactus is telepathic, able to scan the thoughts of any mind he has yet encountered, no matter how alien or advanced it was with Un ability.
Cosmic Awareness: As a powerful cosmic being, Galactus has CL1000 Cosmic Awareness and can perceive in a limited manner the state of the universe.
Galactus possesses the following powers, each at CL3000 Intensity. However, each use of these powers costs Galactus 10 points of Karma, and each use at an intensity above Un also costs him 50 points of Health.
-Spirit Vampirism
-Psionic Vampirism
-Energy Vampirism
-Absorption Power
-Energy Conversion
-Elemental Conversion
-Molecular Conversion
-Elemental Creation
-Molecular Creation

Costume: Alien materials which contain and control his Power Cosmic and Hunger (see limitations)
Transportation: Teleportation, telepathic, the Star Spanning Sphere, and sometimes Taa 2 itself.
Galactus carries an array of technological devices of his own design.
Special Weaponry: Worldship can destroy and siphon planetary energies, within it is the Ultimate Nullifier, a device capable of destroying the universe entire, which Galactus safeguards.
Ultimate Nullifier: The Ultimate Nullifier is an artifact of unimaginable power that is kept aboard Galactus's starbase, Taa II. In an alternate reality, The Ultimate Nullifier was shown to be capable to nullify or obliterate the existence of any thing the wielder of the device could fully conceive of. The Ultimate Nullifier clearly possesses sufficient power to invoke fear and awe in even the mighty Galactus! It has only been used twice in this reality. Once by Quasar against The Magus and most recently by the psychopathic herald of Galactus, Morg, The Executioner. The Silver Surfer and Morg escaped but Tyrant and Galactus were caught in the blast. The Nullifier could be used by a single entity only once, however, since the act of nullification destroyed the wielder as well as the target.

Hunger: Galactus must consume the bio-energies of planets that support or can support life. The suitable type of planet need not be one where life is present, but it must have the potential to support life. After 30 days from feeding his Class 3000 abilities will slip to Class 1000, after 60 days Class 1000 abilities slip to Shift-Z and so on. Use of his powers at full strength lessen these periods by 1 day. Although he is able to extract and absorb this energy himself (leaving him immobile for 1-10 days), Galactus usually employs a complicated array of equipment to perform the conversion process for him. The equipment is not only more efficient than he is, but also enables him to avoid the needless expenditure of energy involved in the process. The process takes 24 hours to complete. Sometimes Galactus drains the energies he needs from a planet while still leaving it barely habitable. Other times he destroys all life and water on the planet in the process, leaving its surface devastated and barren. Most often his feeding process destroys the planet, reducing it to space rubble.
Must Wear Armor: Galactus wears a full-body suit of armor constructed from an unknown extraterrestrial metal that permits him to regulate and control his personal energy. If he were to remove the armor, the vast cosmic energies that empower him would run rampant, with the potential to turn him into a small sun.

Talents: None

Contacts: Galactus has some kind of relationship with Death and Eternity.