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Femme Fatales

The Femme Fatales are a group of female mutants who were hired by the Chameleon to threaten an ambassador. Spider-Man, who soon became their arch-enemy, later interrupted them and defeated the team. The Chameleon, then, hired the Scorpion and the Tarantula to defeat the now powerless Spider-Man along with the four other women. Teaming up with Black Cat, Spider-Man defeated all the culprits, but they all were able to escape.

After their defeat, the Femme Fatales agreed to Superia's invitation to join the Femizons and fought Captain America. They attended an auction for the Venom Symbiote. Bloodlust lost her powers after Decimation.

Bloodlust and Mindblast turn up imprisoned in Pleasant Hill. During a takeover instigated by the prisoners, Bloodlust and Mindblast were turned into duplicates of Maria Hill by the living Cosmic Cube Kobik in order to fool the Avengers and Avengers Unity Division.

While searching for the missing body of Wolverine, the X-Men and their allies Psylocke and Domino came to Madripoor to interview Magneto for any info he had. Magneto turned out to be a telepathic illusion generated by Mindblast, which was to lure the mutants into a trap organized by the Femme Fatales, which now included Viper and Sapphire Styx.

Sapphire Styx