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Black Cat

Felicia Hardy was trained by her father (a world-renowned cat burglar) to become a great athlete. After a traumatic experience as a college freshman, Felicia trained herself to become highly skilled and an expert of martial arts and acrobatics. When her father was imprisoned, she decided to follow in his footsteps and use her abilities to become The Black Cat. In the first night of her costumed identity she encountered the lone hero Spider-Man. She felt as if she could trust him and changed sides so he could trust her too. They developed a relationship where Black Cat and Spider-Man mutually loved one another. After they broke up, they remain as lovers from time to time.

Black Cat was an ally of the arachnid hero and helped him whenever needed. Formerly a heroine, she used to get stolen rewards from the good actions she makes. After an encounter with Otto Octavius, who was inhabiting Spider-Man's body, Felicia was finally arrested and exposed as the Black Cat, losing all of her fortune, and snapping, having swore to become the kingpin of New York.

Current Version:
Black Cat (Restored Powers)

Former Versions:
Black Cat (No Powers)