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Fantastic Force

Seeking a cure for his grandson's fluctuating powers, Nathaniel Richards kidnapped young Franklin from his parents, the Fantastic Four's Reed and Sue Richards, and took him to Warlord Kargul's Elsewhen dimension. Kargul's blacksmiths forged a suit of armor for young Franklin, allowing him greater control of his powers; he then spent years training, eventually becoming Psi-Lord. Nathaniel had also brought his daughter to Elsewhen and she received special training as well, becoming the great warrior Huntara (Tara Richards). Appearing before his parents seconds after he had been taken as a child, the adult Franklin attempted to prevent his mother's return to her Malice persona--previously created by an artificial Hate-Monger and given substance during the Infinity War--by absorbing it himself.

Later returning to Elsewhen to petition Kargul for help in defeating the evil Dark Raider (an alternate Reed Richards from Earth-944), Psi-Lord, joined by Huntara, instead was forced to fight their way out of the dimension. Psi-Lord infected the Dark Raider with the Malice personality, then watched as Aron the Watcher, posing as Uatu, banished the Raider into space. When the Fantastic Four disbanded, Psi-Lord and Huntara, hoping to continue their family's legacy, joined with the young Inhuman Devlor and Wakandan hothead Vibraxis as the Fantastic Force.

Financed by the Black Panther, the Force went through growing pains, both as heroes and as human beings, as Devlor had a hard time adjusting to high school and Vibraxis struggled with the unfamiliar cultural melting pot of New York. Accidentally killing a gang member during a fight, Vibraxis was arrested and returned to Wakanda. During this time, Huntara's lineage came into question when reporter Paul Alvarez claimed that she was his long-lost sister Mary, which Nathaniel Richards neither confirmed nor denied. Joined by the Black Panther and the Human Torch, the Fantastic Force learned of a great danger to Elsewhen in the form of Vangaard, an alternate Johnny Storm from Earth-721 (a.k.a. "Earth-A") who had gained vast power and had decided to eliminate redundant alternate realities. Seeing the hero he could have been in the Human Torch, Vangaard stopped his assault on Elsewhen and departed. Deciding to stay in Elsewhen, Huntara left the team and was quickly replaced by the She-Hulk, who defended Vibraxis during his trial in Wakanda. Found innocent of murder, Vibraxis was free to go, but the Wakandan council demanded Black Panther cease financing the Fantastic Force.

Unbeknownst to the group, they were then targeted by the ancient alchemist Diablo, who hoped to use Franklin to defeat the demon-lord Mephisto and take his seat in Hell. Thwarted by the Fantastic Force, Diablo found himself temporarily trapped in Mephisto's dimension. With the return of Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four, the Fantastic Force broke up, and Psi-Lord was reverted back to his regular age by Hyperstorm, his own son from an alternate dimension (Earth-967). The rest of the group assembled one last time to oppose Onslaught, but have parted ways since.

Former Members:
Black Panther
Human Torch