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F) Un100
A) Gd10
S) Sh-X150
E) Sh-X150
R) Pr4
I) In40
P) Un100

Health: 410 Karma: 144
Resources: N/A Pop: -50

Known Powers:
Body Armor: Mn protection
Growth: (Permanent) Sh-Y, +3cs to hit
Self-Sustenance: CL1000
Invulnerabilty to Disease: CL1000
Slowed Aging: CL1000 immunity to the ravaging effects of time. Fafnir only physically ages one year for every 1000 years. He will age, just very slowly. They may still be killed normally.
Fire Breathing: Mn Fire
Hypnotism: Un
Illusion Generation: Rm


Talents: Leadership

Contacts: None