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Oubliette Midas

F) In40
A) Am50
S) Gd10
E) Ex20
R) Rm30
I) Rm30
P) Rm30

Health: 120 Karma: 90
Resources: In Pop: 0

Known Powers:

Blaster: In Force, 3 areas
Golden Gun: Oubliette’s personal weapon is a large caliber, golden revolver. The gun fires bullets made of gold with a range of 2 areas and holds up to 6 shots. In spite of gold being a soft metal, the bullets inflict In Shooting and can penetrate/ignore armor of Rm rank or less.
-Blood Bullet: After her father's death, Oubliette carried a bullet containing a drop of his blood. The bullet retained his ability to turn anything it struck into gold. Victims with natural Body Armor, Regeneration or Invulnerability will delay the transformation and if the bullet is removed in time, the process can be stopped.
Boots: In Wall-Crawling

Talents: Guns, Marksmanship, Thrown Weapons, Edged Weapons, Acrobatics, Martial Arts A, B, D, E, Business/Finance, Multi-Lingual: (at least 8)

Contacts: Dr. Midas