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Bennet Du Paris

F) Ex20
A) Ex20
S) Rm30
E) Mn75
R) Ex20
I) Rm30
P) Am50

Health: 145 Karma: 100
Resources: Rm Pop: -20

Known Powers:
Flight: Rm
Energy Blasts: Mn
Telekinesis: Mn
-Force Shields of Mn strength
-Force Bolts of Mn strength
Telepathy: Mn
-Psi-screen: Un
-Mental Bolts: Mn
-Mental Power Increase: Exodus' faith in the path he is following allows him to temprorarily increase his already impressive powers. Exodus can increase his Telepathy and telekinesis for 1d10 round by +2CS if he succeeds in an Am psyche FEAT or by spending 100 karma.
Energy Absorbtion: Am
-Exodus can drain 50 points of energy from a victim with energy or psionic powers, he can use it to decrease the energy or psionic powers of his victim by 1 CS/round, which in turn increases his powers by 1CS or to directly drain health to add to his own. The use of this power temporarily decreases his psyche by 1CS, which is why he doesn't use this power often.

Talents: Leadership

Contacts: Magneto, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Exodus' Brotherhood Uniform