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El Toro

El Toro

Benito "Benny" Serrano

F) Rm30/Ex20
A) Ex20/Gd10
S) Mn75/Gd10
E) Am50/Ex20
R) Ty6
I) Gd10
P) Rm30

Health: 175/60 Karma: 46
Resources: Pop:

Known Powers:
Toro Form: Benito Serrano has the power to change himself into a superhuman form that gives him the following abilities:
-Alter Ego: Stats change as shown above
-Body Armor: Am protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Leaping: Am
-Charging: El Toro can move up to 4 areas in a round, but only in a straight line. He receives a +2CS when charging and his armor provides him with Un protection against any damage he might take.
-Horns: Rm Edge


Talents: Military Training, Martial Arts B, Guns, Spanish

Contacts: Young Allies

Benito Serrano