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Ego the Living Planet

Ego the Living Planet

F) Am50
A) Fe2
S) Sh-Z500
E) CL3000
R) Un100
I) Un100
P) Un100

Health: 3552 Karma: 300
Resources: N/A Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Shape Change: Ego has the Un ability to alter his surface and interior, in any manner he sees fit. He can use this power for the purpose of providing air and/or sustenance for beings on his surface, or to deprive such beings of these things. Furthermore, Ego has developed the following power stunts:
-Attacks: Ego can alter his shape to attack unruly beings on his surface, in a number of ways. He can primarily generate tentacles of planetary mass, which can stretch up to 100 miles in length, and inflict Un Blunt or Edged Attack Damage. Alternately, Ego can attack those within his interior with cave-ins, magma flows, and more, each of which can be used to inflict Un damage (of the proper type, either Force or Energy), each round they're applied. Only a fool enters the innards of Ego...
-People: Ego can synthesize humanoid proxies to do his bidding, or to parley with beings on his surface. These beings will have Fighting, Agility, Strength, and Endurance ranks of any level, up to Am rank, and can use any of Ego's powers, at up to Un rank.
Gravity Manipulation: Ego's great mass produces a significant gravity well, which Ego has learned to manipulate to some extent. He can use it to attract ships to his body, or use the gravitic energy to fire a kinetic bolt, both at Un ability and damage. An important thing to consider, however, is that since Ego is so huge, his mere presence is enough to drastically affect other large celestial bodies. His close proximity is enough to cause CL1000 damage to another planet.
Regeneration: Ego can easily repair damage done to himself, regenerating with Un ability. Health is recovered as follows:
-Standard Rules: Ego regains 3000 points of damage every ten turns, as long as he takes no damage during that period of time.
-Ultimate Powers Rules: Ego regains 400 (100 X 4 (a CL3000 healing rate per turn) = 400) points per turn. Yikes!
Absorption Power: Ego also has the Un ability to absorb ambient cosmic energies. Should he have the need for additional power, he can also absorb the life forces of those on his surface to supplement this energy. Victims are allowed a Psyche FEAT to resist this...
Body Resistance: while Ego's surface is subject to mundane attacks, it takes a significant force to actually harm him. In other words, Ego has Un resistance to all physical and energy attacks.
Invulnerabilities: Ego himself possesses CL1000 resistance to all the ravages of disease or poison, and simply does not age.
-Mind Blast: Ego can focus his will to attack the minds of others, inflicting Un neural damage to his foe; would-be victims of this power are allowed a Psyche FEAT roll against Un intensity to resist this effect.
-Telepathy: Ego can easily communicate with the minds of others, doing so with Un ability and range.
Clairvoyance: Ego can use this psionic ability to peer into either deep space, or to the interiors of his own body, with Sh-Z ability.

-Sidereal Propulsion Unit: Long ago, Galactus attached this unit to the 'body' of Ego, to propel him deep into unknown space, and be rid of the monster for good. Ego mastered the unit, however, and can use it for intergalactic travel, flying at CL1000 speeds. However, controlling the unit requires a significant amount of energy on Ego's part. He has recently taken to luring unsuspecting folks to his surface, and feeding on their life forces to supplement his waning energies

Talents: Astronomy, Astro-Navigation

Contacts: None