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Renee Deladier

F) Rm30
A) Gd10
S) Gd10
E) Ex20
R) Ty6
I) Ex20
P) Ex20

Health: 70 Karma: 46
Resources: Ex Pop: 0

Known Powers:

Cloak: Several times in her life, Ecstasy has possessed a variation on the Darkforce powers of Cloak, such as the following:
-Gateway: Un ability to mentally create an aperature into a dimension composed of Darkforce energy.
-Teleportation: Un ability to teleport herself from one place to another in the Earth dimension by entering the Darkforce dimension herself, transversing a distance, and emerging back into the “real” world. In this way, she can cover 40 areas/round.
-Spirit Vampirism: Ecstasy constantly feels a hunger of Rm intensity which urges her to seek out living victims and project them into the Darkforce Dimension, there to serve as food for some malevolent being. Were Ecstasy to decide to resist the hunger, she must make a Rm Psyche FEA, first after 12 hours, then after another 12 hours, then after 6 hours, another three hours after that and so on, the checks keep growing closer. If she fails any of these checks, she must seek out 1-10 souls immediately. If she should fail a second roll before finding the sacrifice, she might herself be consumed by the entity.
-Intangibility: Mn protection vs. all attacks except light-based attacks, which she has Gd protection. Ecstacy must make a Green FEAT every time she tries to make use of her intangibility.
-Darkforce Generation: Able to draw forth the essence of the dark dimension and release it on Earth. Ecstacy has a stronger control over this material than Cloak, and she can form dark material into a solid, manipulating it as if it were tentacles coming over her body. Ecstasy can give it Am material solidity, and exert Ex Strength through it.
-Shadow Casting: Ex ability to nullify mundane sources of light and Pr ability with magic-based light

Talents: Leadership, Business/Finance

Contacts: Criminal connections