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F) Rm
A) Ex
S) In
E) Rm
R) Gd
I) Ex
P) Am

Health: 120 Karma: 80
Resources: N/A Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Demonic Powers: Díspayre is a demon who draws psychic sustenance from true fear, anguish, and despondency suffered by human beings and perhaps other sentient beings as well. In feeling such strong emotions, people generate psychic energies. Díspayre functions as a Spirit Vampire by ďfeedingĒ upon these energies and adding this power to his own reserves of psychic force. Díspayre is not a standard magic wielder. He does not follow a particular school of magic and has no level of Magical Mastery. The following spells are those he has been known to possess:
-Dimension Travel: Fe ability to travel between the Earth dimension and Díspayreís home dimension.
-Fear: Mn ability to instill over riding terror in a victim. He must make a Fighting FEAT for him to strike with this power. Range is limited to 20 feet. Victims may overcome this fear by making a Psyche FEAT. Failure means they suffer crippling fear and despair for 10-100 turns.
-Gaseous Form: Díspayre can transform himself into a cloud of oily black smoke. In this form, he possesses Fe Flight (30 mph). He can change form in 1 round.
-Hallucination: Un ability to fill a victimís mind with illusions. He is most powerful when creating a single hallucination for a single victim. Although others may experience this hallucination, it will have limited effect on them since it is not tailored to exploit their own fears. Díspayre can create simultaneously-occuring, independent hallucinations for a number of victims, but each additional hallucination decreases his effective power rank -1cs. Victims may dispel the illusion by making an Intuition FEAT.
-Illusion: Un ability to make himself appear to be anyone he chooses. Such illusions cannot deceive mechanical sensors or recorders such as cameras. Victims may dispel the illusion by making an Intuition FEAT.
-Immortality: Immune to the normal effects of aging, disease, and injury. If his body is destroyed, he eventually grows a new one.
-Mental Probe: To better generate frightening hallucinations, Díspayre has the Am ability to probe a victimís mind. He has a range of 20 areas.
-Spirit Vampirism: Un ability to absorb a victimís Psyche by means of a successful power FEAT. The victimís Psyche is reduced -1cs and the amount lost is added to Díspayreís Health. The victim can resist this vampiric attack by making a Red Psyche FEAT. If the victimís Psyche is reduced to zero, he must make a roll on the Kill Table using the original Psyche rank. Success means they recover their Psyche at a rank of +1cs per hour.
-Teleport Self: Fe ability to teleport himself up to 2 miles per jump.
-Tower Summoning: Díspayre can exchange a targeted structure with his elaborate tower


Talents: Mystical Lore, Psychology

Contacts: None

Tower: This magical artifact serves as Díspayreís base. It is an obsidian tower one mile tall and carved from Rm material. The tower radiates an aura of evil and despair that affects anyone within 1 area.
Although the Tower appears to be made of stone, it can be burned by paranormal flames such as Man-Thingís fiery touch. The Tower burns quickly with the flaming area increasing by 10% each turn. When the Tower is completely aflame, its Material strength drops -1cs each turn until it collapses. After it collapses, the ruins vanish and are replaced by the destroyed remains of the original structure that sat on that site.
Any people in the original structure on the site find themselves teleported somewhere within the Tower. If the Tower is taken away while they are in it, they may be left behind or spirited away to wherever the Tower rests between manifestations, depending on the circumstances.
The Tower is enchanted with these powers:
-Emotion Control: Ty ability to instill fear and despair in anyone within 1 area. If a victim makes a successful Psyche FEAT, he is left with strong but non-crippling feelings of unease.
-Mind Control: Am ability to corrupt victims who are physically bound to the tower. The intial attack is Fe, then it gains +1cs each day until the victim succumbs. Victims must make a Psyche FEAT each day to resist becoming evil. Once the transformation occurs, the effects are permanent until undone by an opposing Mind Control attack of at least Amazing power.
-Illusion: The Tower is only visible to those Díspayre chooses to see it. Anyone else sees it as the original structure that occupied that site.
-Power Focus: The Tower can channel the combined mystical powers of 2 or more beings into a single extremely powerful spell or power.
-Self Repair: If the Tower is destroyed, it cannot be summoned again for 28 days, after which time it can reappear completely repaired.