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F) Am50
A) Ex20
S) In40
E) Sh-Y200
R) Rm30
I) Rm30
P) Sh-Y200

Health:310 Karma: 260
Resources: Sh-Z Pop: Varies

Known Powers:
Emotion Absorption: Dreamqueen can absorb the psychic energies released by strong emotions and convert it increased Power and personal energy. Her initial Pr rank limits her area of effect to a single area. Each 1,000 living people she adds to her control adds 1 point to her total Power ranks. As this total increases, her rank and range increase, thus drawing more people into her sphere of control. As this power comes into effect, the ranks of her other powers should increase equally
Clairvoyance: Mn ability to perceive distance events. This power is often externalized into a scrying pool or crystal orb
Hallucination: Mn ability to make people experience realistic delusions of her creations
Illusionary Invisibility: Am ability to make people ignore her presence
Longevity: Her actual lifespan is unknown. She is 900 years old in her current form
Serial Immortality: If she becomes pregnant, she dies in blaze of spontaneous combustion. A new succubus rises from the ashes with her old memories, but with a new personality
Self-Sustenance: By feeding on the emotional energy of others, she can go without eating or sleeping. As a demonic lifeform, she does not need to breathe
Liveworld Abilities: Dreamqueen can use the following abilities only in her home dimension of Liveworld:
-Lifeform Creation: Sh-Z ability to transform raw material of Liveworld into any lifeforms she chooses. Such lifeforms are permanent until they are destroyed. She can create a maximum of 500 pounds of living objects of living objects per day
-Artifact Creation: Sh-Y ability to transform the raw material of Liveworld into any object she imagines, including converting it into the necessary elements and compounds. Such objects have a permanent existence. She can create up to 500 pounds of such artifacts each day
-Molding: Sh-Y ability to spontaneous reshape objects within Liveworld. This power does not affect being or materials from other dimensions. However, it can be used to turn a weapon against such visitors
-Molecular Conversion: Sh-Y ability to transform the raw material of Liveworld into any substance she requires


Talents: Occult Background and Lore, Psychology

Equipment: None