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Drax the Destroyer

Drax the Destroyer

F) In40
A) Rm30
S) Mn75
E) Mn75
R) Ex20
I) Gd10
P) Am50

Health: 220 Karma: 80
Resources: Ty Pop: 10

Known Powers:
Life Support: Un, able to survive without Food, Water or Air
Regeneration: 40 points/round
Recovery: Am
Invulnerable to Heat, Cold, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins and Disease. However, Drax can be stunned and slammed by physical attacks.
Self Revival: Un, when he is killed, Drax is able to revive himself
Psychic Sense: Un ability to track Thanos

Knives (x2): In material, Rm Edge

Talents: Resist Domination, Weapons Specialist: (Knives), Hand-to-Hand Combat, Martial Arts B

Contacts: Guardians of the Galaxy

Drax's Last Look

Drax's First Guardian Look

Drax's Last Guardian Look