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Demarr Davis

F) Gd10
A) Gd10
S) Ty6
E) Mn75
R) Gd10
I) In40
P) Ex20

Health: 101 Karma: 70
Resources: Ty Pop: 5/15 in the Great Lakes area

Known Powers:
Limited Teleportation (Gateway): For most of his career, Doorman's signature power were a limited form of teleportation that allowed others (but usually not himself) to pass through barriers, walls and such with In ability. To do this he has to stand against the wall or barrier, thus becoming a living door for others to pass through. This sounds like Phasing, but is actually Teleportation, as his body becomes one end of a darkforce wormhole. He's learned how to use this as the following power stunts:
-Ignore Opponent's Body Armor: He can negate the effectiveness of an opponent's Body Armor by making a Grappling attack and using his body as a portal. Though he can't attack through it, others can. When someone is attacked this way, they only have their base Health points as opposed to their altered Heath.
-Avoid Attacks: He can allow attacks he's aware of to pass through him. He should have to make an Intuition FEAT to see if he noticed the attack coming.
-Phasing: While not able to pass through his own portals, Demarr can use his body as a portal for one of his limbs if necessary. This sounds useless, but it has allowed his to stick his arm through a car door to rescue a trapped dog. It would also allow him to reach just inside any barrier, such as through a locked safe or briefcase.
-Levitation: Ty airspeed
Though his powers were originally rather low key, his recent encounter with the entity called Oblivion has apparently given him the same basic abilities as the villain called "Deathurge". He has gained the following power stunts:
-Invulnerabilities: Immune to Heat, Cold, Electricity, Toxins and Disease
-Phasing: Un, can apparently remain intangible for as long as he desires. It seems that his phasing doesn't disrupt electrical systems.
-Flight: CL3000, a visible side effect of this power is the manifestation of his "Shadow Skis" when he flies.
-Dimentional Travel: Doorman can bear the souls of the recently deceased from this world to the afterlife with CL1000 ability.
-Precognition (Death): Mn precognition powers (his "Death Senses" as he jokingly calls them), but its visions are usually limited to the upcoming death or bodily destruction of a character.
-Life Support: Doesn't have to Eat, Breathe or Sleep anymore. Can survive in the vacuum of space
-Alter Ego: Demarr can shift back and forth between his "Doorman" costume and regular clothes.

Doorman is now extremely powerful, but (just like the former Deathurge) he is at the beck and call of his master, Oblivion.

Talents: Wrestling, Martial Arts B, Skiing, Weapon Specialist: ("Death Weapons")

Contacts: Great Lakes X-Men, Oblivion