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Doctor Voodoo

Jericho Drumm returned to his native Haiti after twelve years of education and practice in America as a Psychologist. Drumm's brother Daniel, the local houngan, was dying from a curse placed upon him by a voodoo sorcerer who claimed to be possessed by the spirit of the serpent god Damballah. Before he died, Daniel made his brother vow to visit Papa Jambo, the man who taught him the arts of the houngan. Drumm studied under the aged houngan for several weeks, gained a greater mastery of voodoo practices than his own brother. Augmenting Drumm's might still further, Papa Jambo performed a rite that summoned Daniel's spirit back from the dead and joined it with brother's own. Having fashioned a worthy successor, Papa Jambe died and Drumm took his place as Brother Voodoo.

Current Form:
Doctor Voodoo

Former Incarnations:
Brother Voodoo