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The Destroyer

The Destroyer

F) Un100
A) Mn75
S) Un100*
E) CL3000
R) N/A
I) N/A
P) Un100

Health: 3275 Karma: 100
Resources: N/A Pop: -100

Known Powers:
Asgardian Construct: The Destroyer armor's possesses numerous superhuman capabilities but only if the armor is inhabited by the spirit of a sentient being. While some of the powers might vary, depending upon the spirit inhabiting the armor, they are primarily the same for any. It has the following:
-Possession: The Destroyer absorbs a person's Psyche into the armor, if the armor is somehow destroyed, the person's Psyche is lost
-Dimension Travel: Am
-Disintegration: Once every 2 turns, living targets may try a Red Endurance FEAT or die. If successful suffer 1000 damage. 5 areas range from visor.
-Disruption: CL1000 blast, can affect even Uru metal.
-Elemental Conversion: CL1000
-Fire Generation: CL1000
-Heat: CL1000
-Hyper-Strength: Normally Un or that of the occupying life-force whichever is greater. When several life-forces are animating the destroyer total the Strengths.
-Kinetic Blast: Cl1000
-Magnetic Generation: Sh-Y
-Matter Control: Sh-Y
-Mind Transferal: Mn
-Molding: CL1000
-Molecular Conversion: CL1000
-Plasma Generation: Sh-Z
-True Invulnerability: CL3000


If animator's original body is killed, the Destroyer is rendered inanimate.

Talents: None

Contacts: None