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F) In40
A) Rm30
S) Rm30
E) In40
R) Ex20
I) Gd10
P) Ex20

Health: 140 Karma: 50
Resources: CL1000 Pop: -20

Known Powers:
Flight: Gd airspeed with Mn agility.
-Pinions: The tips of her wings are sharp enough to do Gd Edged
Talons: Rm material, Rm Edge
Berserker Frenzy: +1cs Fighting and Endurance for up to 10 rounds.

Battle Armor: Rm protection vs. Physical and Energy
Spear: In Edge
Javelins: She used to use the following javelins:
-Normal: Rm Edge
-Gas: -1cs to all not protected in 1 area
-Electrical: 2 javelins that produce In Energy Bolts

Talents: Weapon Specialist: (Javelins, Spear), Martial Arts E

Contacts: Shi'ar Empire

Deathbird in her Armor