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Black Knight

Born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Dane Whitman attended university as a young man, eventually obtaining a Master's degree in physics. The descendant of a long line of heroes who took up the mantle of the Black Knight, Whitman assumed the role after his uncle Nathan Garrett had resurrected the name to partake in villainy.

Garrett was seriously wounded in a fight with Iron Man, and on his deathbed expressed his wish that his nephew should restore the family legacy by making the Black Knight a hero once again. Initially resistant to this idea, Whitman eventually took up the mantle to fight the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, whom he had accidentally summoned to Earth, and soon established himself as a hero.

Current Version:
Black Knight (NOW!)

Former Versions:
Black Knight (Ebony Blade)
Black Knight (Energy Sword)
Black Knight (Sword of Light)