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Damage Control

When the superhuman community throws down in a neighborhood, the damages can be astronomical. However, the Manhattan based engineering and construction company, Damage Control, are here to clean up the mess and rebuild the property to the way it was. Considering the amount of superhuman battles there are, and with virtually no competition, Damage Control is a definite money maker.

The company head is Anne Marie Hoag, and all other executives, account executives and nearly three hundred employees hang on her every word. Even though Damage Control is a huge company, they still subcontract work out to other construction and engineering companies. Damage Control has also worked with the Avengers when converting their old Avenger’s Mansion into a park after it was all but demolished by an attack from the Masters of Evil. Damage Control even worked with the Fantastic Four and S.H.I.E.L.D. engineers in rebuilding the destroyed Baxter Building into Four Freedoms Plaza. It was built to Reed Richards specifications, of course, and Damage Control even rebuilt the surrounding neighborhood. Not only do they work for the superhuman community, but Damage Control also works with government, private companies such as Stark Enterprises, and they will even work with individuals on a case by case basis. One of their smaller clients is that of Josie’s Bar, which has had it share of superhuman bar fights thanks to Daredevil, in particular.

Damage control uses state of the art technology, so that they can finish repairs and reconstructions in record time. In order to pay for their services, individuals and private companies go through their “super hero insurance” or Extraordinary Activity Assurance. However, if one isn’t covered, they can always apply for funds from the Federal Disaster Area Stipend from New York City to pay for Damage Control's assistance.

Other members of the Damage Control team include Henry Ackerson who is Vice President in charge of Marketing, Robin Chapel who is the Traffic Officer, Albert Cleary, Comptroller, and Eugene Strausser who is the Head of Research and Development. One of the account executives who deal with cases whether they are by an individual or a company is John Porter. Other company personnel include the Head Foreman Lenny Ballinger. There is also a receptionist named Anne, intern John “Bart” Rozum, and security guard, Jay.

Damage Control also has a toll free number: 1-800-555-Mend.

President of Damage Control:
Anne Marie Hoag

Kathleen O'Meara

Robin Chapel (Traffic Manager)
Albert Cleary (Comptroller)
John Porter (Account Executive)
Eugene "Gene" Strausser (Technician)
Anne (Receptionist)
John "Bart" Rozum (Robin Chapel's Personal Assistant)
Fluppy (Mascot)

Search and Rescue Division:
Lenny Balinger
Black Goliath
Lisa Halloran

Other Members:
Henry Ackerson (Head of Marketing)
Robbie Baldwin (Brief Intern)
Kirk Eden
Jim Palmetto
Jay (Head of Security)
Marie Leahy (Account Executive)
Ray Lippert

Former Members:
Walter Declun
Rex Randolph (Edifice Rex)
Vincent "Vinnie" Patilio
Ant-Man III
The Thing