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Cosmic Man

Cosmic Man

Dr. Midas

F) Ex20
A) Gd10
S) Mn75
E) Mn75
R) In40
I) Rm30
P) Am50

Health: 180 Karma: 120
Resources: Mn Pop: 0

Known Powers: Enhanced Physiology: After exposure to a massive dose of cosmic radiation, Dr. Midas was transformed into the Cosmic Man, a Thing-like creature possessing powers similar to the Fantastic Four. He has demonstrated the following:
-Body Armor: Rm protection vs. Physical, In protection vs. Energy, Un protection vs. Heat, Fire and Radiation
-Cosmic Awareness: When Midas ascended to become Cosmic Man, his perceptions were expanded and he could see and understand energy and the complex interaction of cosmic forces.
-Elongation: Cosmic Man could extend his arms and fingers up to 2 areas away
-Energy Generation: Mn Heat or Radiation from apertures in the palms of his hands.
-Environmental Independence: Sustained by the cosmic energy in his body, Cosmic Man no longer needed food, water, air or rest and his lifespan was greatly enhanced.
-Force Field Generation: Cosmic Man could fold space around his target, encasing them and holding them immobile in a force field at Am rank. He could then compress the field to crush the victim, inflicting In damage each round. He may have learned how to fold space to travel through dimensions.
-Mind Probe: Cosmic Man could make physical contact with an artificial intelligence and absorb its knowledge and control its functions at Mn rank.
-Molecular Transformation: As Cosmic Man, Midas retained his ability to turn anything he touches to gold but his power rank was enhanced. He could transmute any type of matter he touched into solid gold at a rate of roughly 1 cubic foot per round.
--When used against a living target the transmutation inflicts In damage each round and for every 40 points of Health lost the victim suffers a permanent -1cs to Fighting and Agility as body parts are lost (for every 3cs lost from Fighting and Agility, -1cs is lost from Strength and Endurance.
--If the victim's Health reaches Zero, he is completely turned to gold and dies.
--This attack works through ordinary cloths and is reduced by any opposing Body Armor or Regeneration powers reduced -2cs or Invulnerability reduced -1cs
-Regeneration: Mn, 4 Health points per minute


Talents: Business/Finance, Tactician

Contacts: Exterminatrix