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Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin

F) Ex20/Ex20
A) Gd10/Gd10
S) Un100/Ex20
E) Am50/Ex20
R) Ty6
I) Ty6
P) Ex20

Health: 180/70 Karma: 32
Resources: Gd Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Organic Steel Form: Colossus can change into an armored organic steel form with the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Am protection vs. Physical and Energy, Mn protection vs. Heat and Cold, Rm protection vs. Electrical and Ex protection vs. Corrosives.
-Self-Sustenance: Doesn't need to eat, drink or breathe.
-Damage suffered in this form will be healed when he reverts to his true form unless his health has decreased below 70.

X-Men Uniform: Rm material, the Uniforms are constructed out of unstable molecule fabric. It provides him with the following:
-Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Insulated: Gd protection vs. Heat and Cold
-Comlink: 250 mile range and a GPS tracking device built into it
-Detection Scrambler: Am protection vs. Electronic Mutant Detection

Talents: Artist, Pilot, Martial Arts A, Bi-Lingual: (English, Russian)

Contacts: X-Men, Shadowcat

Colossus' First Costume

Colossus' Second Costume

Colossus' Third Costume

Colossus' Forth Costume

Colossus' Fifth Costume

Colossus' Acolyte Uniform

Colossus' Excalibur Costume

Colossus' Seventh Costume

Colossus' Eighth Costume

Colossus' Ninth Costume

Colossus' Tenth Costume

Colossus' Extraordinary X-Men Costume

Colossus' Last X-Men Costume