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F) Ex20/Gd10
A) Ex20/Gd10
S) Rm30/Ex20
E) Rm30/Gd10
R) Ex20/Gd10
I) Am50/In40
P) Un100/Am50

Health: 100/60 Karma: 170/100
Resources: Mn/Ty Pop: 70/5

Known Powers:
Magic: The full range of Clea’s mystical abilities has yet to be seen. However, it has been theorized that she, at least potentially, can now perform any magical feat that her mentor Doctor Strange or her mother Umar can. Clea’s abilities are, however, limited by her amount of training and experience. In the past, Clea has proved her self to be capable of the following mystical effects:
=Dark Dimension Boost: The right side of Clea's stats are when she's in the Dark Dimension, the left side is when she's on Earth's Plane
-Magical Energy Bolts: Am Energy, 10 areas
-Astral Form: The projection of her astral self from her physical body to Mn distances
-Conjure Objects: Am ability to conjure objects seemingly from thin air, the traversal of dimensions (either personally or via gateways) with Am accuracy
-Force Field: Create Magical barrier of Un strength or Magical Shield of Am
-Molecular Rearrangement: Un ability to mold the physical shapes of various objects
-Alter Reality: Mn power to restructure the very fabric of reality
-Summon other beings: Un ability to summon beings from other dimensions
-Telepathy: Un
-Teleportation: Able to teleport across Mn distances with great accuracy.


Talents: Sorcery, Martial Arts A

Contacts: Dr. Strange, The Defenders

Clea's First Look