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Clan Destine

Adam Ravencroft was born in Medieval Saxon England during the 12 century. Severely injured after falling on a scythe, Ravencroft was healed by a mysterious female genie named Elalyth, whom he fell in love with. Batting with Richard the Lionheart in the Crusades against Islamic rulers of the Holy Land, Ravencroft became famous for his ability to escape injury, and was named Adam Destine. Adam Destine was captured by nomads who wanted him to battle against the sorcerer Sujanaa min Raghbah, who used a magical gem to rule over Persia. Defeating the sorcerer, Destine was betrayed by the nomads. Near death, Destine destroyed the mystic gem, releasing the genie who had saved his life years earlier. The genie Elalyth healed Destine's mortal wounds, granting him immortality and invulnerability. Consummating their love for one another, Destine and Elalyth had many children over the centuries giving rise to a secret family of superhumans known as the Clan Destine.

Adam Destine
Albert Destine
Gracie Destine
Newton Destine
William "Oz" Destine
Crimson Crusader