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F) In40
A) Ex20
S) In40
E) In40
R) In40
I) Rm30
P) Am50

Health: 140 Karma: 120
Resources: In Pop: -20

Known Powers:
Body Resistance: Gd protection vs. Physical and Energy

Shield: CL3000 material, he can use it to block up to 90 damage from an attack, but he is still subject to Stuns and Slams. He can also throw it up to 3 areas for Rm damage and he can attack up to 3 people with a successful Agility FEAT (Mn) or 5 with a Yellow FEAT. By bouncing it of a number of hard surfaces, he can make the shield return to him the next round.
Other Weaponry: Chronok uses a variety of weapons and devices that have up to In abilities
Hover Pad: Personal vehicle while he's on the surface of a planet. It has the following stats:
-Body: Am
-Speed: In
-Control: Un
-Protection: None

Talents: Leadership, Marksmanship, All Martial Arts, History, Repair/Tinkering

Contacts: None