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Quincy McIver

F) Ex20
A) Ex20
S) Ex20
E) Gd10
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Ty6

Health: 90 Karma: 26
Resources: Gd Pop: -7

Known Powers:
Bionic Limbs: Bushmaster is a quadriplegic who has bionic arms attached to his shoulders and a 14 ft long,
Snake-Like Tail: He can move at Gd land speed, has the following power stunts:
-Spring: Upto 1 area away
-Wrestling: If using his tail in wrestling holds, Bushmaster can exert Rm constriction on his opponent.
Claws: Rm material, Rm Edge, the claws are tipped with Ex snake venom. Anyone injected with the venom must make an End FEAT vs. Ex intensity or be knocked out and lose endurance ranks if a second FEAT is not made.


Talents: Bionics

Contacts: Serpent Society