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The Brood

The alien race known as the Brood or Sleazoids is one of the most vile in the cosmos. Itīs only interest is to reproduce at all costs, even the extinction of other races. In their hierarchy, the queen is the only one different than the others, and needed to be protected by any costs. The X-Men have fought this race more then once, but the greatest battle between them was by the time that the Brood infected Professor X with one of itīs eggs. Only the ability of the Shiar healer saved Xavier, cloning him a new body and transplanting his mind into it. In that combat, Storm was also almost transformed into one of them, virtually dying and resurrecting. In that battle we learned that the Brood used as ship a slaved alien race, the Acanti, similar to space whales. The X-Men apparently set them free, by releasing one of the Acanti leadersīs soul.

The Brood came to Earth more than once, possessing the Ghost Rider in one occasion. Only the X-Men Blue team could save the old flame-head that day. They later returned to absorb the Ghost Rider once again, but Wolverine and Gambit stopped them. The truth remains that this "people" must be approached with caution by all living forms of existence.

Members of the Brood:
The Brood Emperess
Brood Queen
Brood Hunters/Warriors
Brood Drones
Brood Firstborns

Space Transportation: