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Captain Avalon

Brian Braddock and his twin sister Betsy were born of Elizabeth and Dr. James Braddock, an alien from an extra-dimensional realm called Otherworld ruled by and entity known as Merlin. Unknown to Braddock he possessed latent genetic traits which would manifest as superhuman abilities. While a student assistant at the Darkmoor Research Centre, the criminal Reaver attacked the facility to steal its secrets. Attempting to escape, Braddock's motorcycle ran off a cliff and he lay near death. In a vision, Merlyn of Otherworld and his daughter Roma, Goddess of the Northern Skies appeared to Braddock and bade him choose one of the mystic objects before him: the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Choosing the amulet he was bombarded with a mystical energy, activating his latent superhuman abilities. The patron spirits gifted him with a mystic star-scepter to enhance his fighting skills as the champion, Captain Britain.

Current Version:
Captain Avalon

Former Versions:
Captain Britain (Original)
Captain Britain (Suit)
Captain Britain