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Fred Myers

F) Ex20
A) Rm30
S) Gd10
E) Ex20
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Ty6

Health: 80 Karma: 26
Resources: Gd Pop: -5

Known Powers:

Boomerangs: Myers carries seven boomerangs prominently on his costume, each with special properties. Unless otherwise noted, they are of Ex material strength. Myers can throw these so they will return to him with no risk of damaging himself. Boomerang has the following types of boomerangs:
-Shatterang: Detonates on contact, Am damage to all in 1 area.
-Gasarang: Mn intensity gas, affects 1 area.
-Razorangs: In material, Rm Thrown Edge
-Bladerangs: In Thrown Edge, no affect on Body Armor of Gd and higher material.
-Screamerangs: Ex Sonic attack
-Gravityrangs: Creates local gravity field of In intensity.
-Reflexerangs: Solid-weighted boomerang. Bullseye result on Blunt Throwing column indicates target must check for Stun or be knocked over.
-Flamerang: In Flame to an entire area when it makes contact
-Dustarang: Dispenses a powder with radioisotope Boomerang can track with In ability
-Disrupterang: In ability to scramble electronics within an area
-Shock-Rang: Rm Electricity
-Gluemerang: In adhesive
-Tracerang: Ex ability to fly and can follow a target tagged with a tracing device
-Multirang: A boomerang that splits apart into 10 smaller boomerangs, each dealing Ty Thrown Blunt or Thrown Edge
-Laser-Blaster Boomerang: Boomerangs equipped with laser-blasters that do Gd Energy or Force
-Net Boomerang: In entrapment
-Remote-Controlled Boomerang: Ex Thrown Blunt, can be remote-controlled by device (+3cs to Accuracy FEATs)
-Rocketrang: Boomerang once used a highly specialized boomerang capable of expanding to a 15-foot wingspan, adhering to a human target with an In magnetic charge. After that, it rockets into the sky before exploding, dealing Am damage
Jet Boots: Ex airspeed

Talents: Weapon Specialist: (Boomerangs), Thrown Weapons, Hand-to-Hand Combat

Contacts: Masters of Evil, Justin Hammer

Boomerang's First Costume

Boomerang disguised as Outback

Boomerang's Last Costume