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F) Gd10
A) Ex20
S) Rm30
E) Rm30
R) Gd10
I) Ex20
P) Rm30

Health: 90 Karma: 60
Resources: Gd Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Hydrokinesis: Bloodtide can mentally control water in her surrounding area with Am ability and range, creating walls and columns and shape water with her will. She can perform the following power-stunts:
-Water Blast: By projecting a water column, she can attack an opponent doing Am Force up to 5 areas-away. A Red FEAT requires an opponent to roll to avoid the effect of drowning
-Water Levitation: Bloodtide can use a water column to levitate or project her along at Gd airspeed, 120mph or 8 areas per round. She is unable to lift herself more than approximately 500 feet off the water's surface.
-Tidal Wave: This wave up to 5 areas wide and up to 100 feet in height, can strike everything in that range for Am Force and initiating drowning effects. It takes Bloodtide 2 full rounds of concentration to build up, releasing the attack on the third.
Water Freedom: All Atlanteans are adapted for life in any section of the oceans.
Water-Breathing: All Atlanteans breathe water; salt water is preferred. Most can only breathe water and suffocate if they are exposed to air.
Hyper-Swimming: Pr speeds (30 mph), 4 areas/turn
Resistance to Cold: Ex


Water breathing: Atlanteans can only breathe in water; without special aids such as a water-based rebreather or surface-breathing serum, they will die when exposed to open air for a long duration, as per the drowning rules.
Dehydration: Atlanteans must have a watery environment to avoid dehydration. If not immersed in water or kept in a damp environment, they suffer a -1cs to FEATs for each hour without such water. If totally deprived of moisture, they lose one point of Health per hour. Immersion in water restores such lost Health immediately

Talents: Underwater Combat

Contacts: Defenders of the Deep, Fathom Five