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Marcus Daniels

F) Ty6
A) Ex20
S) Gd10
E) Ex20
R) Pr4
I) Ty6
P) Ty6

Health: 56 Karma: 16
Resources: Fe Pop: -6

Known Powers:
Darkforce Manipultaion: In, Blackout is only able to create geometric shapes, such as cubes, spheres, etc., Blackout can also perform the following power stunts:
-Darkforce Aura: Rm Force Field
-Resistance to Darkness: In resistance to Darkness and related attacks.
-Resistance to Light: Rm resistance to Light and related attacks.
-Darkforce Generation: Rm Force, 7 areas
-Shadowcasting: Ex
-Flight: Ex
-Gateway: Ex ability to travel through shadows
-Energy Solidification: Ex


Sanity: Blackout's sanity is tenuous, because of his accidental imprisonment in the Darkforce dimension. He suffers from delusions of persecution and is likely to strike blindly against anyone trying to imprison him.

Talents: None

Contacts: Baron Zemo, Masters of Evil IV