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Batroc's Brigade

Batroc's Brigade is the name of various bands of mercenaries, martial artist, and assassins organized by the French savate master, Georges Batroc. Although Batroc has worked alone, he often recruited fellow rogues and criminals when a job he has been hired for so requires it.

To locate the "seimo-bomb" for an undisclosed foreign power, Batroc organized his first Brigade, composed of the Swordman and Living Laser (now both deceased). Following the unsuccessful completion of the mission, the first Brigade disbanded. Shortly thereafter, Batroc was hired by the Red Skull to attack Captain America. To carry out this assignment, Batroc recruited the Porcupine and Wirlwind. Again, the team disbanded upon failure. Batroc abandoned superhuman criminals for his next two Brigades, and hired dozens of ordinary "muscle men" and martial artists.

Batroc was then hired by criminal industrialist Obadiah Stane to steale Captain America's sheild. For this assignment, he hired British weapon maste, Zaran, and the South American revolutionary Machete. Zaran and Machete proved to be Batroc's most resourceful allies yet, having successfully completed the task theywere hired for. Batroc has kept this Brigade intact for future missions. The known where abouts of the Brigade is unknown at this time

Batroc the Leaper
Zaran the Weapons Master

Former Members:
Living Laser
The Swordsman I