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The Bastards of Evil

he alleged discarded and disavowed sons and daughters of super-villains, the Bastards of Evil formed not to rob banks or take over the world, but purely to cause death and destruction to prove they were superior beings. They see themselves as the next generation, the future, of evil. Aftershock ridiculed Firestar for trying to find a reason behind their actions. Ember taunted several innocent bystanders that even though a hero was on the scene, they were still going to die because the hero was too busy fighting the other Bastards of Evil to save them. Warhead saved from a losing fight against an enraged Gravity by his teammate Singularity, said that it would have been better to let Gravity kill him, to have a shiny superhero murder a villain on camera. Warhead then blew himself up on the former site of the World Trade Center, presumably killing himself.

It was later revealed that the Bastard of Evil were actually ordinary teenagers kidnapped by The Superior. Exposed to Hawking radiation and given "personal narrative implants," the Bastards were given false memories of being the forgotten children of super-villains with powers similar to those the Superior gave them. The Bastards were meant as an example of "what the future ought to hold" for humanity, at least within the Superiors perspective.

The actions of the Bastards of Evil garnered the attention of the young heroes collectively known as the Young Allies. When Allies Nomad and AraƱa were kidnapped, the Bastards planned to murder them on live, national television. The Young Allies were able to convince the Bastards of Evil to in-fight amongst themselves, with Aftershock openly attacking Singularity. The blast caused Singularity's true memories to return, making him remember his life before his false memories. Turning on the Superior, and causing the other remaining Bastards to question their own memories, he allowed the Young Allies (with the assistance of some more veteran heroes) the time to defeat them.

The Bastards of Evil are currently being held in prison. The Superior claimed that he already had a plan for escaping incarceration, wipe the memories of the remaining Bastards and create "new siblings."

The Superior

Former Members: