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Dominic Petros

F) Gd10
A) Gd10
S) Gd10
E) In40
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Ty6

Health: 70 Karma: 26
Resources: Pr Pop: -5

Known Powers:
Disruption: Am, His powers only affect non-living matter and his own body.
Matter Animation: Rm
Vibrations: Mn, Avalanche is able to use vibrations to perform the following power stunts:
-Earthquake beginning at Pr effect and area increasing +1cs per round until it reaches Un.
-Diminish Earthquakes
-Groundstrike Attack: Mn damage
-Vibration Attack: Mn damage
-Shake apart material on touch up to Mn material strength on a Red FEAT.

Body Armor: Gd protection from Physical

Talents: Crime, Bi-Lingual (English, Greek)

Contacts: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants