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Arno Stark

Arno Stark

F) Gd10/Fe2
A) Gd10/Fe2
S) Gd10/Fe2
E) Ex20/Fe2
R) In40
I) Ex20
P) Ex20

Health: 50/8 Karma: 80
Resources: Ex Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Hyper-Invention: Mn ability to comprehend/design/repair technology

Exoskeleton: Arno wears a special exoskeleton to help walk upright and properly. It provides him with the following:
-Alter Ego: Stats changes as shown above
-Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Life Support: Keeps Arno alive with an artificial lung.

Life Support: Arno Stark can't live without his life support. Arno will never be able to breath without an artificial lung.

Talents: Bionics, Biology, Cybernetics, Electronics, Engineering, Genetics, Weapon Design

Contacts: Iron Man/Tony Stark