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Never one to back down from a fight, Anya Corazon went to a Brooklyn park late one night to fight a bully twice her size - what she found was a conflict that would change her destiny. Mortally wounded, she was granted a the gift of a second chance at life - a gift that would grant great power and bring great responsibility. Recruited by WebCorps, a mysterious organization that has been fighting a secret war against evil for centuries if not millennium, Corazon adopted her late mother's maiden name as a codename - the Spanish word for spider - Araņa.

During a battle with Doomsday Man, Doomsday Man ripped away her carapace, severely injuring her. Although she eventually recovered, her exoskeleton is gone. During the Kraven family's hunt for "Spiders," Anya is targeted as a sacrifice. Spider-Man, Julia Carpenter, Madame Web and Kaine come to her aid. Despite their help, Anya is knocked out and captured along with Julia and Madame Web. Spider-Man manages to free them and she assists him in taking down the Kravenoffs. After the experience, Julia, who received the powers of Madame Web, decides to give Anya her old costume. She has recently been referred to as Spider-Girl, much to her chagrin.

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