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Scott Lang

F) Ex20
A) Gd10
S) Ty6
E) Ex20
R) Rm30
I) Gd10
P) Ty6

Health: 56 Karma: 46
Resources: Rm Pop: 10

Known Powers:

Shrinking Gas: Gives Ant-Man In ability to shrink(-2cs to be hit, he has +2cs) minimum size 1/2 inch
Bio-Electric Stingers: Am Energy, 1 area
Cybernetic Helmet: Ant-Man's Cybernetic Helmet gives him the following power stunts:
-Insect Communication and Control: Rm ability to command ants and other insects. He often rode a flying ant (Fe Flying speed) and could command swarms of insects to attack foes (causing only Pr damage but forcing the opponent to make a Green Psyche FEAT. to ignore the pesky bugs). As a power stunt, he could also instruct his entomical friends to arrange in patterns which could spell out messages.
-Loudspeaker: This item is built into Ant-Manís helmet and allows him to talk at normal volume when reduced in size.
-Resistance to Toxins: Langís helmet has a retractable plexiglass facemask which, when sealed, provides Ex protection vs. Gases.
-Electrical Blasts: Ex Shock, 1 area
Jet Pack: Ex Flight

Talents: Engineer, Computers, Martial Arts E

Contacts: Avengers, Cassie Lang, Fantastic Four

Scott Lang

Ant-Man's First Costume

Ant-Man's Third Costume

Ant-Man's Fourth Costume

Ant-Man's Future Foundation Costume

Ant-Man's Fifth Costume

Ant-Man riding an ant