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The youngest of two sons of U. S. Air Force Major Christopher Summers, Alex Summers and his brother Scott were separated from their parents when they were pushed with the only available parachute from their father's private plane by their mother, after the plane was attacked by a scout ship of the alien Shi'ar Empire. After the attack, Summers was separated from his brother Alex, who spend a year in a comma after they fell to earth. Summers was unaware of his brother's mutation and association with the X-Men. After graduating college, Summers was working on an archeological dig in Egypt with Dr. Ahmet Abdol, the mutant to be known as the Living Pharaoh. Abdol discovered he shared a psychic link with Summers, and that he was blocking Abdol's ability to absorb ambient Cosmic Energy.

Kidnapping Summers, Abdol used his lab equipment to prevent Summers from absorbing Cosmic Energy, allowing him to transform into a giant called the Living Monolith. Rescued by the X-Men, Summer's powers manifest under stress. Unable to control his power he resolved to remain in the dessert. Captured by the mutant-hunting robotic Sentinels, and brought to the headquarters of Larry Trask, Summers was outfitted with a uniform that allowed him to control and monitor his abilities. Once again rescued by the X-Men, Summers returned to train to use his powers as Havok.

During the Red Onslaught fight, the Red Skull and Scarlet Witch accidentally morally invert various heroes and villains. Havok is among those affected by the inversion spell. He resigned from the Avengers Unity Division and reconciles with his brother. Havok remained corrupted after the other heroes and villains are returned to normal where Havok and Sabretooth were unintentionally 'protected' from the reversion by a shield generated by Iron Man prompting him to join Cyclops's team after using the Wasp as a hostage to escape.

Current Version:
Havok (Modern)

Former Versions:
Havok (Original)
Havok (Brotherhood)
Havok (Axis)