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Agatha Harkness

Agatha Harkness

F) Ty6
A) Ty6
S) Ty6
E) Ex20
R) Ex20
I) Ex20
P) Mn75

Health: 38 Karma: 115
Resources: Gd Pop: 10

Known Powers:
Ritual Magic: Agatha Harkness has at her command a great variety of magical spells which gave her the following powers at Mn rank:
-Force Field
-Force Field vs. Hostiles
-Force Field vs. Magic
-Resistance to Magic
-Extra-dimensional Detection
-Life Detection
-Magic Detection
-Power Detection
-Psionic Detection
-Bio-Physical Control (Healing and Disruption)
-Hypnotic Control
-Mind Control
-Neural Manipulation
-Shapechange Others
-Magic Control
-Magic Domination
-Sympathetic Magic
-Communicate With Animals
-Communicate With Plants
-Free Spirit
-Sensory Link
-Dimension Travel


Talents: Mystic/Occult Lore

Contacts: The Fantastic Four, The Scarlet Witch

Agatha Harkness' Last Appearance