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The Vulture

Adrian Toomes was a former electronics engineer who was once the business partner of a man named Gregory Bestman. Bestman handled the finances while Toomes, the inventions. One day, after creating a flight harness, Toomes eagerly rushed into Bestman's office to share the happy news. However, Bestman was not there, and Toomes discovered that Bestman had secretly been embezzling funds. that Toomes had no legal recourse. Enraged, Toomes wrecked the business, discovering that the harness also granted him superhuman strength. He then decided to turn to crime as the Vulture. The Vulture employs a special harness of his own design that allows him,to fly using a pair of wings worn on his arms. The harness also endows him with super-strength, and some say it even lengthens his life-span. Although Toomes is advanced in age, he is a strong fighter and a remorseless killer.

Current Version:
The Vulture (Falcon Suit)

Former Versions:
The Vulture (Wing Harness)
The Vulture (Enhanced)
The Vulture (Electromagnetic Abilities)