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The Warriors of the Great Web

After the Inheritors were defeated by the Spider-Army, Spider-UK couldn't return to his reality because it had been destroyed in an Incursion. He decided to remain in Loomworld, the Inheritors' former base, and use the Web of Life and Destiny to reach out for any universe which needed a Spider-Man. Spider-Girl was willing to join him in order to better utilize her knowledge of the Great Web and the intricate related mythology due to her time in the Spider Society, and together they became the Warriors of the Great Web, a name christened by Karn, the Master Weaver.

Spider-UK of Earth-833
Spider-Girl of Earth-616
Spider-Woman of Earth-65
The Spider-Man of Earth-90214
Spider-Man of Earth-50101
Spider-Ham of Earth-8311
Spider-Woman of Earth-982

Supporting Cast:
Master Weaver
Octavia Otto

Electro of Earth-9105

Villainous Groups:
The Inheritors
Sinister Six of Earth-3015
Sinister Six of Earth-22191