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Ann Darnell

F) Gd10
A) Ex20
S) Ty6
E) Ex20
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Gd10

Health: 56 Karma: 30
Resources: Gd Pop: -10

Known Powers:
Gaseous Form: Mn ability to form any type of gas, has the following power stunts:
-Immune to all physical and Energy attacks, can only maintain her solid form for brief periods.
-Suffocation: She can attack in this state by forcing her way into a character's lungs and suffocating them, causing Rm damage each round. The victim will pass out if an End. FEAT is failed.
-Poison Gas: She can transform into a poisonous gas that inflicts Rm Poison to targets in the same area as her.


While in her gaseous form, Vapor can be dispersed by an Am Force attack, she must take 1-10 rounds to reform herself

Talents: Life Support, Life Sciences (Ex)

Contacts: U-Foes, The Syndicate