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F) Mn75
A) Rm30
S) Sh-X150
E) CL1000
R) Mn75
I) In40
P) Un100

Health: 1295 Karma: 215
Resources: Un Pop: -100

Known Powers:
Immortality: Cannot die by any fashion
Invulnerability: Sh-X protection vs. Physical and Energy, CL1000 Resistance to Fire, Cold, Electricity, Radiation, Toxins, Corrosives and Disease
Cosmic Energy Control: Sh-Z, Thanos can manipulate enormous quantities of cosmic energy. Thanos regularly uses the following Stunts:
-Energy Blasts: Sh-X Force or Energy
-Boost any or all Physical Abilities (FASE) to Sh-Z for 1-10 rounds.
-Raise Body Armor to Sh-Z for 1-10 rounds.
-Energy Absorption: Absorb any form of Energy with Sh-Z ability.
-Energy Detection: Detect any form of Energy with Un ability.
Psionic Attack: Mn
Self-Sustenance: Doesn't require food, water, sleep, or air to survive and has Cl1000 Life Support.
Teleportation: Un


Talents: Martial Arts B, Wrestling, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Genetics, Physics, Computers, Electronics, Death Lore, Occult Lore

Contacts: The Black Order